Segno is very teeny tiny

What do I need to do to correct this?

Try Properties > Common > Custom scale.

Thanks very much. It worked. But does anyone know why was it so small in the first place?

The default size can be altered in Library > Paragraph Styles > Repeat Marker Sections, but doing so will also affect any/all other characters/symbols included in that category.

Another way of doing it is in Engraving Options > Repeat Markers > Design > Coda and segno appearance > Scale factor for segno symbols. This looks like it changes the Segno symbol wherever it occurs (eg if the segno symbol is used instead of the S in D.S. al Coda). If you only want to change it in one location (eg only where the D.S. goes back to), using Custom scale might be your only option.

This is good stuff to know. Thanks. There is so much to this, I think I’ll never hit bottom or even close.

I’d always suggest modifying the Options as your first port of call. Dorico is designed to work from “the general to the particular”.

Set up as much as you can, as you want it most of the time; and then make changes to properties for particular circumstances when you want something different.

If you go to the Properties every time, then not only will do more work, but you’ll have countless overrides in your score.

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