Select a fixed velocity when using Fixed Velocity function

Right now, Cubase defaults to a velocity of 100 when using the fixed velocity function selected MIDI notes.

Is there a way to change this velocity that it defaults to on the fly?

Fixed Velocity
This function sets the velocity of all selected notes to the Insert Velocity value on the toolbar
in the MIDI editors.

There is also key command to insert velocity 1-5 so you can shift on the fly between these.
Values for these can be setup from toolbar button.
These are not assigned so up to you.
Also key command for Fixed Velocity itself.

Interesting thanks. I had set the key command for fixed velocity ago and forgot about the pop up dialog. When I use the key command there’s no dialog pop up to enter the custom velocity. I’ll play around though. Thanks again

You’re welcome.
Click on toolbar button and there is a Setup dialog to select that below the five alternatives.