Select All MIDI Notes in Part

Is there a way to select all MIDI notes in part?

Related VariAudio and MIDI parts behave different with several of the zoom and select commands. For example “Zoom Full” (shfit+f) for VariAudio zooms to all the audio for analyzed part and not just the Event Start and Event End. For for MIDI it is just the Part Start and End.

“Select Event” will select just the notes between the Event Start and End for VariAudio in Sample Editor but does nothing for MIDI in the Key Editor. To me it seems like it should select notes at least between the Part Start and End.

Select in loop for both editors behaves the same by selecting between the locators but my locators are often set different then the part start and end in the Key Editor so I can’t use that command to just select the notes between the MIDI part start and end which is what I am after.

Maybe something in the Project Logical Editor can help or possibly there is a key command I am missing here. I ideally would like one Macro that behaves the same for both VariAudio and MIDI notes to select all notes between start and end and of Key Editor Part Start and End for MIDI, and Event Start and End for VariAudio in the Sample Editor.

I realize that these different behaviors is related to trimmed audio being “Events” and multiple audio events grouped together being called a part. Versus for MIDI each MIDI note is considered an event (as in all DAW’s) and for MIDI to play it has to belong to a part which is not the case for audio. Unfortunately MIDI parts, especially since VariAudio was introduced, is much more like what is called AudioEvents. I wish grouped Audio Events were called “Part Groups” rather then groups of audio events (which is more like MIDI Parts) being called “Parts”. Then maybe Steinberg could make the key commands behave similar between audio and MIDI.

At any rate “Is there a way to select all MIDI notes in part?” :smiley:

Aloha s,

All I do is;

1-Open the (MIDI) part
2-Hit ‘command ‘A’ (Mac) on the keyboard and bob’s yer uncle’.
3-All MIDI notes (I call them MIDI Events) in that part are now selected.

Good Luck!

Unfortunately the problem with that is that if the MIDI part is trimmed it also selects MIDI events outside the MIDI Part.

The closest thing that I have come up with is the attachment, the thing I don’t like about it is that it resets my left and right locators. Nothing in the Project Logical Editor seems to work though in theory it seems like it should I guess it just never applies to the Key Editor (hence the name).

The reason for the Zoom Full at the end of the Macro is because I like it to also give me handles on both sides of the MIDI Part, that is the way Zoom to Selection behaves with VariAudio.
Select and Zoom to Notes in Key Editor.jpg

For what it’s worth these two macro’s work pretty well for making consistent zooms across editors for MIDI Parts and Audio Events and zooming to selections with in Key Editor or VariAudio. I set mine to control+z and control+shift+z on the Mac side for quick editing and auditioning, consistency across editors is the key.

Zoom to Selection is at the end three times because of inconsistent results otherwise for the macro “Zoom to Selected Notes, Event or Part Start and End and Set Left and Right Locators - Works in Key Editor and VariAudio”
Zoom to MIDI Part or VariAudio Start-End and Set Left and Rigth Locators.jpg
Zoom to Selected Notes, Event or Part Start and End and Set Left and Right Locators - Works in Key Editor and VariAudio.jpg