Select All parts and cut assigns drum map on all tracks


This is a bug, it is repetable.

Select All, then cut all parts anywhere along the timeline

Result: all parts are assigned the default drum map.

Please fix!

Can’t get that to happen here. Did any of the tracks have a Drum Map before doing the cut?

Hi Vic,

Yes, and it seems to happen when parts are selected and moved as well.


Are these MIDI tracks or Instrument tracks?

MIDI tracks.

It seems to happen when I select MIDI parts from both drum mapped and non drum mapped parts together.

Also, I am getting notes occuring before song start:

It’s returned :frowning:


I am getting this issue, or very similar. It seems the drum map is copied over when things are done with parts from multiple tracks selected where one has a drum map - I noticed this bug when duplicating parts on tracks together, but even selecting them together is having the effect for me.

I have taken the following steps to replicate the bug - can anyone else replicate?

  1. open new project
  2. add instrument track for BFD3 using right click, double click between left/right locators to create a part
  3. add new instrument track for Kontakt 5 using right click, double click between left/right locators to create a part
  4. On BFD track, go to drum map setup from inspector. Load BFD drum map, assign to BFD track from inspector.
  5. confirm no drum map on Kontakt track
  6. Select the parts on both tracks together by dragging over with mouse
  7. Drum map is now assigned to Kontakt track as well as BFD track

Definitely happening here in C9.0.30. This is a huge issue for me. I’m pretty sure it only occurs when a drum track is present. Any time a non-drum track part is dragged and duplicated it is turned into a drum map part. This requires going back to the Inspector and selecting No Drum Map. A real pain. Did not have this issue in C8.5.