Select All Same Midi Notes in Editor

I am using Cubasis as a sequencer with a Yamaha CP4 stage piano. The notes in Cubasis drum kit midi tracks do not play the same equivalent drum instruments in the drum kits in the CP4. Therefore, in the midi editor I would like to select all midi notes at once in a midi track that are the same and move them all at one time up or down to the appropriate note that will trigger the equivalent drum sound in the CP4. For example, say I want to select all instances at once (instead of selecting 50-75 notes individually, one at a time) of a base drum which in Cubasis is a G2 note and move them to D3 which plays a base drum in the CP4. Is this possible?


you mean selecting all notes of the same octave? Unfortunately there is not function like that available yet… only by dragging out a rectangle and selecting the specific notes or you could work with separate MIDI events at first and then glue them together once you are done with your editing.


Thank you RG for your reply.

Let me be more specific. I am selecting prefabricated midi drum kits, such as all the Pop Kits in the Allen Morgan Signature Drums folder in the Midi section of the Media bay, one by one, placing them in the same midi track and gluing them together for that completed midi drum track. In the Pop Kit B1 is a symbol. I want to now only select all the B1 notes/events in that drum track I created and move all of them at once to note A1 which is a tom drum. I do not want to have to select each B1 note/event individually and move it to A1 and then go to the next B1 and move it to A1 and so on. There are probably 50 B1s and that would take an inordinate amount of work to move each separately one at a time and then go to the next series of notes such as D1 which is a snare and move all D1s to say G1 and so on.

It is not an issue of selecting all notes in an octave and moving all of them together because I do not want to move each note/event in the same octave in the same relation to all the other different notes in the octave. Each would be moved to wherever it needs to be moved to trigger the same drum sound in the CP4, which has great drum kits.

So my question is, is this possible. Alternatively, could I and how do I draw a rectangle around all the B1s and move them all at once to A1?

To me this is an important issue because the CP4 does not have a sequencer and this approach gives me a sequenced drum track on Cubasis played via Midi on a drum kit assigned to the Split part of a CP4 Performance (without the Split switch pressed so that the Split part does not respond to notes played on the keyboard) to back my song played live on the Main and Layer selected Parts of that same Performance.

Thanks again for your reply.


you can achieve that by opening the key editor and zoom out so you can see all the the notes you wish to move. Then tap on SELECT and somewhere on a free area in the key editor and you should start drawing the rectangle. If your zoom level is correct you should be able to mark all the specific notes at once. After that on the left press TRANSPOSE vertically and hold it and with your other hand move the highlighted group of notes.


The easiest thing:

Open the drum editor and change the output note from b-1 to a-1. Done.

Thank you RG. It works. Problem solved. Also, thank you No1DaBeats for your suggestion. However, I never heard of a drum editor and have no idea how to get to it or open it. I would appreciate your instructions. Thanks in advance.

By the way, I clicked on the “Thanks” icon for both RG and No1DaBeats and received a message “Invalid Thanks”. So I now say thanks, but could not do so formally.

Click once on a MIDI part, then click on MIDI on the top of the screen
(Where you find “file”, “edit” etc.). Then click on “drum editor”.
It doesn’t have a piano roll. But on the left side there are grey columns.
You can pull those columns to the right side so that you see all the options
(in case if something is hidden). There is a column for Input-Note (I-N) and Output-Note (O-N).
So when the input note is b-1 and the output note is also b-1, you’ll trigger the sample which is
layered on b-1. If you switch the output-note to a-1, you’ll trigger a-1 and don’t even
have to move any of the notes around in the midi editor.

BTW: The drum editor opens as default if you use a drum map.
I can give you more detailled information but right now I’m @ work.

Aaaah. This is Cubasis! Sorry, my fault. I was talking about Cubase all the time.
I was just browsing through the active topics and did not see it. Pardon! :smiley:

Thank you No1DaBeats for the great explanation and taking the time to explain. I will save it for when there is a drum editor in Cubasis. In the meantime, RG’s approach works fine. Cubasis really works very well as a stand alone midi sequencer and even allows editing- in addition to all of its other features. Very impressive, but even more so with a drum editor.

Cubasis is a very powerfull app. I had a feature request for a drum editor some time ago.

Hi, even though this has been finished just thought I would report I have used MidiBridge app on an ipad to remap notes and it seems to be very powerful. This has allowed me to play pads on a PercPad into the cubasis for programming rhythm parts.