Select all sends on one track?

Is there a way to quick-link the sends on one track so you can adjust volume on all of them?

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A couple of methods come to mind.

  1. Make a group track for each send, link them, and use a VCA to automate those send levels in scaled unison.

Example: Track Send(s) > Group(s) > FX Track(s) > Stereo Outputs
Make a VCA track. Link the groups and assign them to the VCA.

  1. Use a MIDI track Send/Transformer Insert > Virtual MIDI Port. The idea here is to loop back a single CC from a MIDI track and have a transformer insert all the required CCs and echo it to the Quick Controls. I’m on Windows here, and personally like loopMIDI.

Example: By default Cubase uses CCs 71 - 78 to drive the Quick Controls. So you’d use a virtual MIDI port and MIDI track(s) to echo a single CC to all 8 of these. Connect the virtual port to the MIDI input in the Quick Controls settings panel. Draw your automation in the MIDI track.

You could eventually record the automation that you’re drawing in the MIDI track(s) into their respective VST automation lanes and ditch the MIDI versions.

Thanks Brian. Okay so no easy way then. That seems a shame. I guess I’ll put in a feature request for easy quick linking of sends.

These options you suggest, at least option 1, the one I fully understand, is only relevant for one track. I’d have to create a group for every single send from every channel. And really, I’m just wanting to quick link and make a global volume change (on all the sends on the one track, that is) just once.

I guess there’s always a way to do something in Cubase though. Thanks for the input.

No problem.

If there’s an easier way I don’t know it.

I guess one could just automate one send, then copy/paste that lane to the other(s).

More than one track’s sends could share the routing to the group(s) I think. Also might find the quad mode useful for the group, as then you’d get an extra pair of channels to pan things among.

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