Select all the automation points with same value

Hi all!
Is there a way to select all the automation points that have the same value of the one that I’ve selected?
I’m giving a look to the project logical editor but I don’t know how to use it very well!
Thank you so much!


Sorry, this is not possible. You cannot set a value as the filter parameter.

Thank you for the reply!
In the midi editor I can do this for all the notes on the same key, via Edit>Select>Equal Pitch - all Octaves/same Octave.
It would be great if it could also be implemented for automation points!


If you select the given automation nodes, you can type the new value in the Ifo Line. Then hold down Ctrl/Cmd and press Enter. This will insert the given value to all automation nodes.

The same works even in the Key Editor or any other editor. If you hold Ctrl/Cmd while pressing the Enter, the value is not inserted relatively (what is doing by default), but the exact value is going to be applied to all selected values instead.

Is this way OK for you?

Thank you, Martin, no this is not what I am looking for.
I need a way to select all the nodes that have the same value of a node that I’ve selected.

I have repetitive patterns in the automation line of the pan (on my repetitive drum, to give movement to the toms!). I have to rearrange these walking toms (in the same way for all the toms), so I’m “forced” to use the selection tool, but nodes are very close to each other, so when I zoom out to select all, when I try to select only the ones with same value, for example all the L23 to put to L30, and decrease L22 to C, is not easy to select all the L23 (or L22) at once, because the are very close!


Oh sorry, it seems my mind just flight away. :slight_smile:

I’m back on the track. Then again, I’m sorry, this is not possible in the Project window.

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