Select and Break Out Midi Notes

Hi, this might be buried somewhere in a Greg Ondo video, but I haven’t see it yet so what to ask the community.

Is there a way to select all Midi notes of one key from one track and paste them into another empty Midi track via computer keyboard?

The way my work flow is, I make a drum sequence in one application (Maschine), then import it into Cubase as a big Midi chunk into one Midi track.

From there, I need to extract and move all the hi hats or snares and paste them into a different Midi track.

Note ,I am able to do it via zoom in and select all the notes via rectangle. But just want to check if there may be a buried functionality where you can hold down one key and click on the Midi note and all the notes of same key are selected at once.

Yes. Just hold ctrl/command down and click on the key on the left side in the editor. Now it will select all the notes on that key in the part or even on the entire track if you have the track or all events selected.