Select by color?

Maybe I’m missing it, but is there a select by color feature? If not, will there be one. For me it seems easier just to make probable editions a fluorescent green particularly midi parts I’ve entered. Seems easier than using voices. The notes I want to keep in the edit, I change to black and then select all the green ones to get rid of them or move them. Or that’s what I would do.

One thing nice about moving notes around by color you can move it anywhere in the piece and it won’t conflict with another voice, and you can pluck it right back out.

Are you saying that you actually give your noteheads a color, to “label” them with a kind of “workflow status”…?

I suspect there’s probably an easier way to manage things from the start.

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Generally i play a midi line on one instrument (like piano, or cello, etc) over whatever is on the piece already. I usually keep it in black but as soon as I’m finished highlight the whole thing and change to green.

Keeping it in different color means I can see wherever I’ve put it in the piece, and sometimes I’m playing a melody, counter melody or harmony at different times on the same play -through. So, the same midi play-through might go to several instruments in the piece. By keeping it the same color I can see where all my edits went at a glance. But at the moment, there’s no easy way to move it around, whereas with color selection it would be easy.

With multiple parts it’s even harder trying to extract it again if I need to.