Select Clips with Rubber

There’s always been the ability to “zoom with rubber” in the Montage across multiple tracks/clips (which I’ve never really made use of). But what would really be useful for me would be “select clips with rubber” that could do the same thing, but which would select all clips that intersect the rubber, across multiple tracks/clips.

I have a lot of DVD montages with 6 or 8 mono tracks, and trying to manipulate the clips (fades, xfades, splits, inserts, deletions) in just the first 6 tracks or just the last 2 tracks is extremely difficult, even with Grouping (which goes away when you split across all tracks).

“Select clips under rubber” would be an ideal solution for me (better than grouping, even if grouping could retain the groups after split). And I think it would make it easier to deal with instances where I have just a stereo track, but a clip or clips with lots of small splices that I want to select all at once.

This exists: do Control+Shift+point and drag. (Cmd+Shift on the Mac).

Thanks PG. I never knew. That’s great.
One question though. If I split across all 6 tracks, with Automatic crossfading on, select all 6 clips on the right with the rubber band and then drag them to the left, only one of the tracks does an automatic crossfade. Is that as it should be? It really seems like it should auto-crossfade across all 6 tracks.


use menu “Modes”
“Allow multiple automatic crossfades”

use together with Workspaces > Command bars > Modes (icons)
use “What’s this ?” shift + F1 or hover with mouse pointer to find info
and select singel or multi grouping functions for Clips

regards S-EH

Thanks SE-H. You’re right - it’s all there. My apologies.