Select, Cut, Paste Into?

I’m finding it extremely difficult to accomplish basic editing tasks in a track with Cubase.

As an example, how do I accomplish this simple task:

  1. Select a portion of a track
  2. Indicate that you are copying that portion (i.e., to the clipboard)
  3. Then paste that INTO another spot on the same track?
    (i.e., the paste should not change the time of the track, it should overlay on TOP of what was there before).

In general, I find it very, very hard to work with the “Locator” handles. Whenever I try to “grab” one, the cursor turns into a “pencil”, as if I’m wanting to write or color something (what???!). Then, when I attempt to move the handle, it does nothing. In other cases, I can grab the handle and move it - but I have no idea what gets me into one mode or the other. Very weird UI…

What in the world is wrong with “click, hold, drag” to select? (Inquiring minds wonder why we re-invent standard paradigms?)

(Is there a succinct manual or reference somewhere? All the “help” online is in the form of videos - and they all drone on and on before you find any information that MIGHT help. Please advise).


Hi and welcome,

You can hold down Alt modifier and move the event to copy it. Does it work to you?