Select events

hi everybody,
i created with project logical editor a function which selects audio events by name. in my case i named some of the audio events “melody”, some “chords”, “tremolos” etc. which works good. but the only problem is that it doesnt jump or scroll to the right audiotrack… letz say i selected the first audiotrack in my project and the i use this PLE preset to find the audioevent with the name “melody”. it will select the right audio event but you need to scroll down through all the audiotrack by yourself until you will find the selected events.

i also enabled in preferences
“tracks selection follows event selection”. which means when i select an audio events it also should select the audiotrack. which works fine. so when i use the mouse to select audioevents then it also selects my audiotrack . and this is exactly what i want to make work also with PLE.

but unfortuantly with project logical editor it doesnt select the audiotrack. only the audioevent even when “tracks selection follows event selection” is selected in the preferences.

here my little script, pls check description to the right.
position “inside cycle” AND (i only want to select the audioevents inside my cycle, which is one track or song.)
name “contains” “melody”
there is another script

property “property is set” “event is selected”

Track operation “SOLO” enabled

i hope it was clear.
thx in advance


Could you instead of selection Solo the track directly (using the Solo [S] command)?

hey martin,

thx for your answe. yes i tried that also before. it cannot go solo even with „s“ because the audiotracks are not selected only the audioevents will be selected. i believe the reason for that is that the PLE selection works like the range selection tool. but it needs to be like object selection tools instead range selection tool so that it can work out.
i hope i am clear with my description:-)
what do u think?
thank u for your support


You are right, the Track Selection follows Event Selection has not been applied, if the selection comes from the PLE. That’s the problem and it seems, there is no workaround. Sorry.

hey martin,

ok. thx for your answer.
i believe it would be great for a lot of filmcomposers to have more options in PLE since a lot of projects are getting bigger and bigger.
i am sure there are generell alot of different individuell requests from cubase users. but i thought i could to give it try to make that request.:slight_smile:
are there any plans to make PLE more
thank u

hey martin and other cubase users,

in case someone else needs that event selelcttion thing. there is a nice way of workaround.

container type equal event
name contains „melody“
positon inside cycle


then create a keyboardshortcut for
visibility agent:show only selected events and
use it

property “property is not” “event is hidden”

Track operation “SOLO” enabled

then use show all tracks in visibily agent
and you gonna see the rest of your tracks

hope it helps !


Thank you for sharing!

You can make a Macro out of it, or set the follow up steps as the Post Process in the PLE.