Select/filter selection of notes by grid position

Hi, just wondering if there is a method to select or filter the selection so that I can select for example only the first note of each bar in the left hand of a piano piece (to add for example an articulation or a lower octave only on that particular position) without having to select each individual note with the mouse.
It would also be great to be able to select/filter selection according to the carrot grid (for example, all the second eight notes in each bar of a passage containing all eight notes…). It seems that the “vertical” selections (notes in chords) in the filter are good implemented but horizontal selection filtering is not jet implemented. Dorico 4.2 here. Thank you for any suggestion.!

No, that filtering is not currently possible.

Ok than you. I hope it will be implemented in the future.

Can you add another staff and select those notes you desire and copy them there? Then, perhaps, you can then play or print just that section.

Doug :slight_smile:

Thank you Doug, not really understanding your tip here. My question was: how to select/filter notes in the same rhythmic position in multiple bars.