select from cursor to end - one track only


Edit - Select from cursor to end function selects events on all tracks. (no use for me)
why isn’t this function selecting events from cursor to end only on selected tracks ? this way if really you want to select all then just select all tracks.

Anyone can help with a macro selecting events only on one track (can’t make it work for some reason)


easy… go on the track name
right click
select all events

for more tutorials check this youtube channel
[link removed]

Sorry i don’t get it.
I want to select from cursor to end… not “all events”

First thing that comes to mind, although this is not a Macro:

  • Hold down SHIFT key.
  • Double click with left mouse button on the first Event that is on the right of the Cursor.

thx vanhaze3000 !
it’s what i was looking for