Select From End/Start To Cursor SELECTED TRACKS

The current function does this for all tracks in the project,

It would be useful to have one for selected tracks, as, I think It would use this more.

If I did want to do all tracks (with data), I could with ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ enabled, just do ctrl+a first, and then ‘Select From End/Start To Cursor SELECTED TRACKS’

Very very quiet in here…

This might be the most underused function in Cubase, so I’d love to know what you’re using it for to warrant a request for further development… (go on - give us a gif!)

I bet you Nuage users have requests that are ‘very very quiet’ and use some of the most “underused functions” so I guess that means their needs are irrelevant and they should be exiled and forgotten with their big expensive controllers they use for unimportant projects.

In terms of what I need this for, I’m not going to continue educating you on Cubase for free, at least not with that tone.

Now that I have more time to answer, I actually don’t remember exactly at the time but I was doing a lot of time intensive sample creation editing and sound design and I had an idea to speed up a process with a macro if only there was a variation of the command that was Selected Track and or Lane specific. I probably have it written down in my Cubase journal somewhere.

And that is the contention of my FR - as you’ve pointed out - one could imagine this to be a fairly unused command and not see any use for it, so having a track specific variation would open up some workflow possibilities.

That being said, the current function (which should probably be retained) can be useful for all sorts of things. I’d first point out that it can be used with the ‘Object Selection Tool’ or the ‘Range Selection Tool’.

-It’s useful if you need to nudge one entire section of the project forward or backward in time - maybe to align to film cues.
-it’s useful if you want to quickly set a loop point from start of project up to the current cursor position.
-sometimes I have multiple versions of the same project in the same session across the timeline, can delete these quickly.
-quickly lock all events on either side
-quickly delete everything after or before a certain point, sometimes I’’ have hours of ideas and jamming pushed way out at the end of the project away from the main project area.
-setting locators

there’s lots, pretty useful. saves one from having to zoom out or having to make a large scrolling mouse selection. extra useful I imagine for people working on Nuage or a controller

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