Select impulse response with quick control?

I have been using the Halion 6 upright bass patch through double bass IR.s from 3 sigma audio. It sounds great, I recommend it! Currently I am adding Reverance as an insert on the track. But I realised I could add them to a Reverence inside Halion and save it in the patch. I wonder if I could then include a few different IR.s in the program and map them to a knob to select different ones?

It should be possible with scripting but you need to figure out the full path.

reverb = this.parent:getBus():getEffect("REVerence")
foldrPath = "vstsound://EDFE55748323416B9461F85C3E56DBC0/.Church/English Chapel 1/2 Channel Stereo 1/"

names = {
	"English Chapel a",
	"English Chapel b",
	"English Chapel c",

defineParameter("IR", nil, 1, names, function() IRCHanged() end)

function IRCHanged()
	local path = foldrPath..names[IR]..".wav"
	reverb:setParameter("IRPath", path)

Preset for HALion 7
SR Upright Bass REVerence.vstpreset (21.3 KB)

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