Select MIDI input device through keystroke or Macro?

I’m currently devising a lemur control surface configuration to help me manipulate my ever growing template.

Does anyone know of a way/Is there any way to tell Cubase through key commands or a macro to set which midi input device each track receives from?

I use two controllers primarily and I wanted to put two buttons on my “surface” that allowed me to quickly set the input device on the selected channel.

I have come across a “toggle through” type command (which I can’t get to work currently) but this would not be ideal as although the two keyboards are my primarily sources there are a number of devices listed (eg loop back channels etc) which would make this quite cumbersome.

Help or advice would be appreciated.

Im using Macros and Project Logical Editor quite a lot. But I cant imagine, how to select dedicated MIDI Input Device in the track via Key Commands, Macros, or PLE. I`m sorry.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s a real shame if there is no way to do it asI can see it being a real enhancement to my work flow. With such a big template 700+ tracks I can never remember which keyboard is patched to which track, and even if I can it is invariably not the one I want to use at that moment.

A quick press of a button to rematch was all I was hoping for.

Why don’t you usel All MIDI Inputs to be able to use any connected MIDI Device at the time?

Hi, I am surprised that you have a confusingly high number of Midi-Inputs in your selection lists. How Comes that?
“Loopback-channels”… is there a way to create a midi-loop-back within cubase?

Maybe a simple solution would be to Name the midi ports of your Keyboards in a way that they get listed “on top” - but I am not sure whether the renaming of the midi ports affects their Position in the drop down list…

Cheers, Ernst

@Martin.Jirsak - I did think about this but then I will get the Lemur MIDI into all the channels too - this may not be a problem as I will rarely use the iPad when actually recording MIDI data, but it is not the “tidiest” solution.

@Elien - to be fair it’s not a confusing number but again, I’m trying to find a tidy solution. from memory, and I’m not at my system right now, I have both keyboards listed, the Delta 1010 I/O, a number of my Kontakt instances have a MIDI I/O which are listed, and then the loopback channels required for lemur to function, provided by the virtualMIDI application.

Hi you,

I see - and I admit that some of your Problems - I share them: I would prefer to be allowed to hide midi Inputs from the selection drop-down for Inputs to tracks WITHOUT disabling them. Why? Well, it is really annoying that the midi controlers that are NOT used for recording midi but “only” for Controlling the DAW, etc. are all the time showing up as midi-Inputs in the selection as well. I remember that this was not always the case in the cubase-history. One could “hide” Inputs that were not relevant for recording… I think that would help a lot, because most of us do not have too many Keyboards for recording, but a lot of midi gear for Controlling cubase.

@FINgers101, you can exclude your Lemur device from the “All MIDI Ports”. Open Devices > Device Setup, and select MIDI Port Setup on the left side. On the right side, you will see the list of your MIDI In- and Out- ports. In the In “All MIDI…” columne, you can enable/disabled, which MIDI device will be taken/ignored wit All MIDI Inputs.

So just disable your Lemur Input here.

Sorry, Martin I think this excludes the port only from the “all midi” but does not remove it from the selection list!


@Martin.Jirsak - this sounds promising - as I said 'm away from my machine currently so can’t test - but would this mean that although my lemur input data doesn’t arrive in the All MIDI Ports stream, it will still arrive at the Generic Remote stream as long as I set the input accordingly to the lemur midi in?

This would certainly be the “workaround” to void the required buttons on my control surface.

@Elien - agreed, although the solution above seems like it might be as good a solution.

Hi you, yes, Input ports that are not part of “all midi” still work!

Your Controller will work!

Cheers, Ernst

Brilliant, will try this later today.

Thanks all for your help.

@FINgers101: Yes, exactly. Everywhere, you will set the dedicated Input, this input will be taken, and data will be transmited. Everywhere, you select “All MIDI Inputs”, the list of enabled devices will be used.

So if you select Lemur device Input only in the Generic Remote, the Generic Remote will “listen” only the Lemur, no other MIDI ports, but data from Lemur will be transmitted.

If you select “All MIDI Inputs” in your tracks, all MIDI Devices, which are enabled in the Devices Setup, will be lestneed. Stream from Aall other devices (disabled in the Devices Setup) will be ignored.

Btw: Computer Keyboard is always in the “All MIDI Inputs”, if you use it, as an MIDI Input device.

I use Bome’s Midi Translator to do just this. Not quite for the same reason but I need to control what the Midi track sees so I have one internal port from Bome’s included in the All Midi Inputs.

Then in Bome’s I have switches, triggerable as keystrokes or Midi which choose which information the port in Cubase sees.

Bome’s Midi Translator is probably a bit much for what I need but I’ll keep it in mind for the future. I use lemur scripting to control what midi messages are sent to Cubase and then I have set up a Generic Remote with macros and key commands to action the data.

I tried Martin’s suggestion last night and it worked a treat so thanks for that.