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I have several questions below concerning the select modes. Daniel I remember you mentioned in a response to a recent post that the select mode was still at its very first steps, but I have concret examples to check with you what we can do for now:

  • In capture-05 (examples attached to this post), there is a melody. Is there a possibility to copy this melody and to paste it on the exact same bars one octave below, like in capture-06? For the example I had to insert notes below manually using the Accord mode. I remember as an ex-Cubase 5 user for scoring edition (I have to confess I never used Finale or Sibelius before Dorico, I was waiting for Dorico to go to the next level) that they had possibilities to copy into the same bars and staves, like you select your melody while pressing Alt-key, then with mouse you go to the wanted pitch, and the entire melody “followed” until you click, then the entire melody was copied, one octave below or a third below f. ex. Would there be something to do the same thing, almost, in Dorico?

  • Is there a possibility to insert the melody one octave below, and then to switch it to another voice, like in capture-07?

  • Is there a possibility to select the voice number 2 (or 3 or…) of one bar ONLY, not using the draging technique, because several notes of the voice 1 some other times might be selected, and that’s not the goal, especially if we want to copy this voice 2 in another stave/instrument?

All best
Capture-07.tiff (16.9 KB)
Capture-06.tiff (15.9 KB)
Capture-05.tiff (10.9 KB)

Here is one of several methods:

  1. Copy the music using cmd(ctrl on windows)+c.
  2. Right-click → paste into voice → either “Up-stem voice 1” (for capture-06) or “New down-stem voice” (for capture-07)
  3. While the notes are still selected - use cmd(/ctrl)+alt+down to move the duplicated notes an octave down.

To switch the notes to a new voice: right-click → voices → change voice

To select all music in voice two: Select the bar, use Edit->filter->voices.

Please don’t use TIFF files; they require one to leave the Dorico thread to open the image downloads in a different program (really inconvenient).

If you use png or jpeg files, we can open them within the browser and return to the thread without difficulty.

Another way to achieve Capture-06 quickly:

  1. Select the music
  2. Write menu → “add notes above or below”