Select more/ all on IPad

Is there anything like the “select more” function on the IPad like on the desktop version? I can’t find it and it would be quite useful.

There is ⌘⇧A for Select More if you have a keyboard.
If not, there is an Add to Selection button on the Secondary Toolbar.

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There is no "Add to selection " item in my secondary toolbar. I use the german version and I remember that there were items missing in comparison to the english version.
Dorico team, please fix this issue !
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There are no buttons missing on the secondary toolbar in Dorico for iPad in different language versions, but the Add to Selection button doesn’t do the same as Select More – it just allows you to tap items and add them to the current selection.

Oh, it would be really nice to have a Select more button in the IPad version too. E.g. I don’t know how to select all tempo changes in a score. The Add button doesn’t help.
Daniel, there is a difference between the english and the german version, see the screenshots. In the german version the function select /deselect is missing.

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Yes, this has been reported before, and I’m afraid we’ve not yet fixed it. I will make sure we take another look at it as soon as possible.

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