"Select More" doesn't work if your selection is a rest

Is it supposed to?

If you select a note, then “select more” will select notes and any rests between notes. The rests don’t show as selected, but if you paste the selection, it indeed includes the rests between notes.

But if you select a rest, “select more” won’t include anything else. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

And if you select a note that is preceded in the same measure by a rest, that beginning rest is not included by “select more”.

My understanding was that successive uses of “select more” was to include the immediate measure, then the measures on the same system, then all the measures in that flow for that instrument and so on. But this is not what is happening.

You are right, and my understanding is that it is by design : rests are not part of the notes in Dorico, they’re the empty bits of the music… In Dorico, you’re not supposed to enter the rests, the program fills the gaps between notes.
You get the same behavior using w (to toggle between score and parts) and probably other functions. Welle, let’s not select rests if we want to use “select more” :wink:

Yes, you can select and copy explicit rests, but implicit rests, which are the ones you normally see because they are, as Marc says, produced automatically to fill in gaps in the music, can’t be copied or otherwise interfered with because they’re not real. A view option is provided that shows implicit rests in grey, if you would find this useful (I suspect few Dorico users habitually have this switched on).

You’re right, Daniel : I’ve never used that view option and totally forgot about it! But I seldom use explicit rests.

This makes sense from an architectural or programming standpoint. But I don’t think it makes sense for the GUI.

It seems to me that even if one has selected only an implied rest, “select more” should extend the selection to notes and rests (implied or otherwise) in a way that is consistent with the case where one begins by selecting a single note. I understand that might require the programming to handle both cases separately, which may seem inelegant. But it seems to me the current behavior feels like a bug. That is to say, I have selected something, but “select more” refuses to select more of anything.

Obviously this is not a crisis, but I do think it is an area that deserves some refinement in the future.

Craig, the workaround for now is surely to select the passage (by selecting a note then doing Select More) and then Edit > Filter > Rests.
I’m curious to know where you’d find selecting/filtering rests useful, though.

I just do it the old way. I select the first measure (which might start with a rest,) then I select to end of flow. That all works fine. And even though the start rest may be implied, it pastes into the target location with the rest intact. That’s how I would expect “select more” to work. And it does work, but not if you begin by selecting a rest.

It isn’t a big inhibitor. I just think it will be confusing to people who don’t know the “inside cricket” story.

(Is “inside cricket” a thing? We say “inside baseball” here, meaning some obscure rule, convention or folklore that a person only knows if they hang around for years inside the locker rooms.)