Select More inconsistent in lyrics

I think it recently came up that, although undocumented (I think), one could select a thing, and Ctrl-click a later thing of the same type, then Select More would select all the things of that type between the first thing and the last thing (I wasn’t an English major in college).

This works wonderfully, and I hope it never goes away, world without end, Amen. Much faster than filter-selecting! But it doesn’t work for individual lines of lyrics. Select More allows me to select a line of lyrics across a system or a flow, but when I try this particular trick, all lines of lyrics in between are selected.

It would be great if the behavior of lyric lines could mirror the usual functionality of Select More.

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Dan, there’s a glitch in this regard. I have experienced, multiple times, where select more insisted on selecting all lines of lyrics. Moral of the story: you are not crazy; it’s happened to me too. One thing that I think need distinguishing though, is you cannot select more with more than one line of lyric selected at a time, and only get those two lines. Once you select lyrics from more than one line at a time, it will select all vertically, before selecting more horizontally:

lyrics select

Personally, I would find it helpful if select more restricted itself to the horizontal plane, where lyrics are concerned. It is particularly difficult when you have a hymn with, say, 7 verses, and you want to select verses 6 & 7 to remove them, but then you cannot filter for them. But you also cannot select them at the same time.

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What would happen if you moved to Galley mode to try this?

Same result.