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i have made a live recording (5 tracks) of our band practice and I would like to further it along on my desktop Cubase. Is there a way to export all 5 tracks in one go, or do i really have to do each one seperately?


Hi @Lefthandluke,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Are the 5 tracks included in a single Cubasis project?
If so, you could easily transfer the Cubasis project to Cubase, via these steps:

(1) Download and install the Cubasis Project Importer (Cubasis Project Importer | Steinberg)
(2) Transfer your Cubasis project to your desktop computer (e.g. via AirDrop)
(3) On your desktop computer: Launch Cubase
(4) Go to the File menu and select ‘Cubasis Projects’ from the sub-menu ‘Import’

Please let me know if this helps and works as expected.
Of course there are many more options to do it.

Stay safe,