'Select Rack Types' Missing on the MixConsole Toolbar

I’m still learning Cubase but in watching a tutorial I went to select Racks as shown below… and it wasn’t there. I’ve activated every button there is in the toolbars and nothing. I’ve searched the manual and looked for a shortcut for the menu online. Did that button fall off during my Cubase download from Steinberg? What’s the deal? Thanks!


Cubase 10.5 Professional


These options are available in the MixConsole window only. Not in the Lower Zone MixConsole.

I see nothing to support that idea. No instructions in the manual or videos on YouTube. Kinda why I work so much in Studio One… simple. If someone has more info please list it.

For anyone that wants the simple way to find this, on the menu click Studio > Mixconsole. That’s just way too much information to put in the manual apparently.

For clarity, this refers to opening the MixConsole from the menu (as opposed to one of the toolbars)


Corrected, thanks for the note.


The KeyCommand is F3.