Select single note?

Hi all -

When selecting (clicking on) a single note in a chord, is there a better place to click to ensure the note is selected? Much of the time, when there are two notes, it’s really hard to get just one - often both are selected. I don’t want to have to zoom in to make the notes bigger every time.

I was wondering if there is a standard process, i.e. click on the top (or bottom) half of the note, etc.?



p.s. Dorico user from the beginning, and absolutely loving it! Doing a large orchestra project with 18 cues (flows), and Dorico is such a well thought-out product! Can’t wait for 2.0!

Select the chord then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select just one of them.

Beautiful, thanks!

(Oh, and duh!)

I have also had this problem. Down and to the right seems to work best for me.


This is an area that we need to improve in future: really the amount of padding around a click area should be dependent on the zoom level, and we should make Dorico more clever about what you are most likely trying to select at low zoom levels.


There is another circumstance when selecting the notes of a chord downwards in the right hand of a Grand Staff also selected the (top) note in the left hand. Is that a known bug, that’s planned to be addressed, please?

If you mean using Shift+down arrow, then that’s not technically a bug as the program is not currently designed to extend the selection note by note, but we may implement this in future.

I do Daniel. Thanks. Got it. Good :slight_smile:

While we are on the subject, I also struggle with this regularly. I find more often than not, if I inadvertently select all notes in the chord, which happens more often than not, the down arrow shifts selection to something in the system below. More often than not, the entire screen shifts and I find myself disoriented trying to figure out where in the score I’ve jumped to, only to realize that it has just shifted down a system.

After reading this thread I’ve done some clicking around in my score. Rather than “down and to the right” I find “down and to the opposite side of the stem” works more often.

Glad to know these pesky little things are on the todo list.

Thanks all!

Revisiting this issue but with regard to a line of chords. I can select a single chord and down-arrow to select a note within that chord. But this does not work with a line of chords. Successively ALT-clicking the bottom note in a series of chords works…until it doesn’t, which invariably happens as I work my way along. Eventually Dorico selects the entire chord and simply will not allow me to select a bottom note only. At that point the whole chain of selection is amiss.

I tried to see if I could filter only the bottom or top note of a chord, but this appears not to be possible.


DaddyO, if you’re Ctrl or Cmd clicking bottom notes (not Alt; Alt copies!) and you mistakenly select a whole chord, hit Cmd/Ctrl+Z and have another go. Undo will only undo the last thing you selected, not the whole selection chain. Also, Edit > Filter > Notes in Chords > Bottom Note or Single Note does exist, and will probably do the job you want.

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Ah, thanks for the tips. I think the filter method will work best. (Don’t know how I missed that!)

It seems the biggest problem with manually selecting notes in chords is with intervals less than a fourth. It’s not so much a matter of mistakenly selecting the wrong note or the whole chord, it’s a matter of clicking twenty, thirty times in various locations in a vain effort to select the correct note.

Again, thanks for the help!

Remember that Z and X are your friends. I really don’t have a problem selecting precisely, as long as I’m appropriately zoomed in. This is at 400% zoom, for instance:

Good point. I normally work at 150% and concede that I do not normally zoom for selection, especially across a line of 8-plus measures.

The filter option that I had not noticed will do me just fine.

Thanks again, pianoleo.

Yes please Please Please!!

A modifying key with the click that tells Dorico ‘I only want to select one note’ would be useful.

Yes, I agree with steveparker. I take Leo’s point that zooming in will probably help, but I find that changing the view is often disruptive to my concentration on the overall work at hand.

Is this something you wrote for yourself, Pianoleo? How many fingers do you have?

No. Here’s the context:

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I almost never want to select a chord, but in 99% of cases I do unintentionally, then Undo and try again.
A preferences setting to only select single notes unless Shift or Ctrl is pressed would save me a lot of time :wink:

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