Select to beginning of flow?

I’m aware of the command to select music to the end of a flow and I use it often, but I just as often am at a point where I’d like to select the previous music to the beginning of the flow. Isn’t it strange that this command doesn’t exist, or am I overlooking something?

You’re not missing anything. But why not just select the last bar of the desired range, and then hold down Ctrl (or Cmd) + Shift + Left arrow until it’s all selected, back to the beginning of the flow? Pretty fast, unless you have a really long flow.

True, it’s just that I would expect a similar key command to Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Right arrow but using the left arrow for the converse. I need this almost as often as selecting from left to right. Not a big deal, though.

This has been suggested before and is on our backlog for future implementation.

Great! Thanks, Daniel.