Select top note, bottom note, etc

Logic has a great time-saving feature in the piano roll editor to select only the top notes of a series of chords. For example, say you have 20 measures of chords and you want to select only the top notes of the chords to copy them to another part. Or the bass line only, etc. I’ve read about some weird workarounds, but that doesn’t save any time to deal w the logical editor, etc. Should just be in the Select menu when you right-click.

Well you only need to “deal with the logical editor” one time to have this capability. Just save it as a pre-set and assign that to a Key Command. After that simply use the Key Command. Takes all of 2 minutes to setup.

And yet, if the feature were implemented, nobody would have to “deal with the logical editor” at all, or with a cubase forum, to have this useful functionality. For those of us who spend more time writing music than posting on forums, the need to involve a logical editor to do something simple can slow things down.

Cubase can do something similar in the Score editor using the explode command. Explore that, it’s coming from a different mindset, but will do what you specified in your request.

I would amend this request by asking for the Explode command to be present in the Key Editor as well as the Score editor.

BTW, there is no need to insult forum members if you don’t like the answer they give.

Well until you request is implemented (and don’t hold your breath, many items requested more frequently have yet to show up), I guess you’ll just be unable to do what you want in the Key Editor. Since what you want isn’t currently available I thought you might find a simple alternative useful. I guess not - suit yourself.

Those of us who do spend more time writing music than posting in forums realize that having a good toolbox of Logical Editor and Macros makes writing that music so much faster and easier. I understand that the Logical Editor looks intimidating at first. But once you learn it, which is pretty easy, it opens a lot of doors. Just yesterday I was doing a bunch of very repetitive time consuming edits - after 10 minutes I wasn’t even a quarter way through. Then I stepped back, took two minutes to create some commands, then quickly finished off the remaining edits by hitting a key a dozen times.

Attached is a preset to select the lowest note in a chord - Cubase counts from the bottom starting with 0. Change the 0 to 1 for the 2nd lowest etc. I assigned 4 of these to the alt+1 to 4 keys. You can too. :wink:

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