Select Track(s) of Range Selection

Is there a command or a way I can build a macro or Project Logical Editor that can select the track(s) of the current range selection? I use the key command I assigned for Preferences>Editing - Track Selection Follows Event Selection all the time. When that is off and I go to do a macro I use it doesn’t work if track selection isn’t on (next hitpoint and update snap).

What I need is similar to what they added with Cubase 10.5 with Snap-On, Snap Off, and Snap Toggle. Currently, there is only a toggle preference so I certainly don’t want to turn that function off if it is on by running this macro. This would at least allow me to have it work for a single track which is really what I need. After activating Track Selection, I could then do down arrow and up arrow (Navigate Down & Up) to have the track selected. If anyone can think of a way around this that would be great!
Activate Curent Event Selection.png