Select tracks based on Mixer with MIDI Controller

I was wondering if there is any way that the track selection, as done by a MIDI controller, can select my other outputs in the mixer somehow?
For now, it only select things as seen in the arrangement/project Window, which is expected, but I was wondering if there is any workaround to make it select things as seen in the Mixer instead?
For instance, if I decide to split my Groove Agent tracks, they will not be selected with the “Previous Track” button etc.



The MIDI Track doesn’t know the related Audio Return Channel output. The routing to the output is done in the instrument and Cubase doesn’t see inside.

So the option would require quite some preparation steps to do. You could for example do same naming-codes. So you would add the MIDI Track name to the name of the Audio Return Channel. Then you would use Project Logical Editor to search for the Automation track with the given name.

I can imagine something like this only if you are using project templates.