Select tracks based on part selection via PLE

I am building some macro and scratching my head to achieve following:

  1. Select parts (from various tracks)
  2. Select tracks based on parts selection

Like in this picture I want to select tracks that are marked with blue x.

The preference Track selection follows Event selection doesn’t suits my workflow since I have to first enable that preference and than to select parts in order to get tracks selected which is draw back for me. In other words I want to select parts first than to apply PLE to get tracks selected based on selected parts.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So is your issue with Track selection follows Event selection that you only want it to work that way some of the time? That is, normally you want to be able to select events without also selecting the track?

You can assign Track Selection Follows Event Selection to a key command to invoke it only when needed.

Track selection follows Event selection (TSFES) Yes I need this sometimes. But the problem is if I need to engage this option first than to select parts and than to hit macro shortcut(which will contain PLE I want to achieve) thats 3 steps:

1.Track Sel Follows Event Sel_key command to enable it
2.Select parts_mouse command
3.Track Sel Follows Event Sel_key command to disable it

Workflow wise its not natural to have always in mind that you need first to engage option (TSFES) and than select parts in order to get tracks selected, and than also not forget to disable the above option. Its more natural to Select parts>Hit Command>Tracks Selected(based on its parts selection)

To put it in end way I want to achieve:
Colorize or rename tracks based on part selection.

Ok, let’s see if this will suit you.

  1. Select your Parts.
  2. Visibility: Show Tracks with Selected Events
  3. PLE: Select Visible Tracks
  4. Undo Visibilty Change


It works for me. The only negative is that I can’t seem to get rid of the selected track BEFORE starting the procedure. (Is there a select none command for tracks? :thinking:)

Edit: This reply was meant for @Grada, not @SF_Green. I pressed the wrong button. :upside_down_face:

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Hi GG,
This is solid base although not quite there since it selects bunch of other stuff (Multi outputs tracks/Tempo/Chord/Ruler etc tracks) Also with what you mentioned here

I will nail this according your suggestion a bit later and will post what i found.
Thanks <3

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Ok I found solution its a bit complicated and needs optimizing but it works well. You have to put Visibility channel 1 as default so it can back visibility to normal (see step 6)

Select parts and run macro via key command (i were unable to run it from edit/macros/…)

  1. Visibility: Show Tracks with Selected Events -Self explanatory

  2. Hide Additional Tracks -Hides additional channels such (Tempo/Chord/Ruler etc tracks)

  3. Select Non Hidden channels - Selects all channels that are not hidden

  4. Solo Selected - Solo visible channels in order to successfully isolate visible channel

  5. Put character on solo - I put some random character to mark only that channel (with this I get rid “selecting track before starting procedure” you mentioned )

  6. Visibility: Visibility configuration 1 - By hiding additional channels (step2) Undo Visibility doesn’t work since it gets in “Show tracks with selected events” so to get normal visibility setting back to visibility config is safest option.

  7. Hide Additional Tracks -Bring back additional channels such (Tempo/Chord/Ruler etc tracks) that were hidden in step s2
    (same preset, look screenshot from step2)

  8. Solo deactivate - Deactivate solo state

  9. Select Character - Selects channel with marked character I put in step 5

  10. Remove Character - Removes character from step 5 since we don’t need it anymore.


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Wow! A long train of commands! Well, as long it works… :ok_hand:t3:

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Yeah it’s dodgy but it works :smiley: thanks again for the tip and the right direction.