Selected cd tracks render

hey - is there a way to select a few cd tracks and render them in one batch?
can do it with clips/tracks etc, and a single cd track, but want to do a bunch in one go to keep all the metadata etc.


I assume you are in WaveLab Pro 12.
Use this option:

just tried this, with two clips out of an album of ten highlighted, and it just began rendering them all, not just the selected. is there another step?
when i’ve tried “all selected clips” in the past it hasn’t included the album data/metadata.

People seem confused by this but in this scenario rendering selected clips would not contain any time/space between the track markers and start or end of the audio clips that may exist which could be bad is that could change your flow between songs depending on how things are arranged in the montage.

Also, in many scenarios the metadata is generated by the track marker names and CD-Text info which is why rendering a clip doesn’t receive this info.

FWIW, I never render clips, only full montages and Album Titles/Tracks.

thanks justin.

the scenario is i have fully rendered a montage - then need to make some adjustments to some individual tracks - how to render them to be a v2, inc all relevant data - easily done individually but would be very useful to do a number in a batch - is there a way i’m missing?

I don’t think so. I think it might be a feature request to add the ability to render just specific Album Titles/Tracks from a montage. Right now it seems to be either one or all.

With the way I work, I always render and re-render (if needed ) all the tracks.

Even if just one or two songs of an EP or album need a change, I render the entire montage to a single new file and new montage with the processing baked in, and then I work my way to lower sample rates like 44.1k. With the features of WaveLab, this is completely painless.

The reason being, some changes are sonic changes, some are song spacing changes, and sometimes revision 1 is a sonic change, sometimes revision 2 is a song spacing thing, and sometimes if there is a revision 3 it’s a combination of those things so for me, I always have a master montage and I re-render the entire thing from there even if just one song of 12 has a tiny change.

It may seem like a shortcut to only render tracks 5 and 8 if that’s the only thing that changed but then they might like what you did on track 5 but not track 8 and then ask for a song spacing change between songs 2 and 3 and before you know it you have a mess on your hands. I don’t have time to deal with that.

Plus, then you can be sure the DDP for CD masters and eventual vinyl cutting master files are exactly as the client approved and you don’t have to put your own puzzle back together.

Plus, I do a fair amount of EPs and albums with songs that crossfade/overlap so rendering the montage as one long file first is essential for that kind of thing.

So, for a few reasons, every EP or album revision gets a full new render of the full montage at the highest sample rate (usually 96k) and then I work my way down from there and render the entire montage as a WAV file for each song once the initial render is done to lock in all the plug-in processing, aside from dither of course.

That’s just my way of doing it. Maybe others have another idea but for me, trying to take a shortcut by just rendering the songs have changed can easily present a mess or issue downstream in the project.

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cheers justin - yeah, in a lot of situations i do similar.

occasionally i find the artist just wants a few tweaks and nothing else needs changing, so it would be useful - but a nice to have workflow thing more than anything else.

It could be possible. PG will know but for reasons mentioned, I always re-render everything so I don’t have the answer.

For example, REAPER has a Region Render Matrix that I could see being helpful for your case.

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You can render just one title at a time (the selected one), not all titles. Isn’t it sufficient?

I think the OP is asking for an option that lets you render say album title/track, 3, 7, and 8 of say a 12 song album in an Audio Montage in one click. Rendering Selected Clips is not the solution.

I think it ends up being the same amount of clicks in the end and is not a feature I currently see the need for do to the above comments, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen the request.

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this is what i do now and it’s ok.
it would be a workflow enhancement for me to render a selected few as a batch, it would be one step process rather than multiple in these cases.
but if not possible it’s all good.