Selected instrument not displayed in Inspector

Having upgraded to 11 Artist I notice that the instrument I have selected for a track (say, Upright Piano) is no longer displayed in that track’s inspector, which was obviously very handy in 10, being a quick reference. Instead, now, I must open the Edit Instrument window…just to check or change it! Are there actually any improvements with 11, over 10? I cannot find a single one! Can anyone help with this ?

Use the Inspector’s Setup to make it visible

Thanks Raino. No problem getting HALion etc to display, but the actual instrument selected within it used to be displayed in the window above No Drum Map ie Harpsicord 3, trumpet 4 etc.

Ah, OK. You mean here.


That field will show a different display depending on how you actually select the Instrument Preset.

  • If you click on this field and select a Preset it will show the Preset’s name.
  • If instead you open Halion and select a Preset internally then this field won’t show the name.

It’s worked like this since forever, don’t know why. But if I were to speculate, and I think I will, when you select the Preset via the Inspector it assumes you are using the VSTi as a monotimbral instrument and displays the name. But if you select the Preset(s) via the VSTi itself it assumes you are using it as a multitimbral instrument with potentially several Presets loaded. Again this is pure speculation on my part.

Thank you SO much. Perfect! I now understand.
Thanks again.