Selected rest does not show voice info in the new 3.1 status bar read-out

The read-out of a selected rest only shows the “rest” word and no voice. You can use voice colouring, which works for both notes and rests, but you may not always want to color your score just for that.
If this can help in debugging, if you select multiple notes, “multiple notes” is reported in the read-out, if you multi-select rests, nothing is shown.

Unless these are “explicit” rests (rests you or an XML import has entered), they may not exist; what you see may be only a visual placeholder.

(Even though Dorico does not store data in a MIDI format–AFAIK–think of it this way: a MIDI readout tracks notes and other info, but not rests. They exist only as the absence of other printable info.)

Just tried it and I can confirm: if I put an explicit rest in voice 2 (and two voices become visible), it will still not show its voice in the status bar.

At the moment, the status bar summary only shows information for notes and grace notes, I agree that it would be useful to show voice information also for rests. I’ve made a note of this.

Thanks Daniel. The colouring option is an acceptable workaround until an update completes the very good Dorico 3.1 feature of voice info in the status bar.