Selected track / crackles

I have a project that uses a lot of ressources. Option for suspending processing on VST3 when no signal is received is active. Asio guard as well.

If I play the project, the meter is high, but it does not crack.
If I select a (instrument) track that has lots of plugins (mostly VST3), and hit play, it cracks. If I select an empty track, or another track it works. Maybe the selection of a track disables asio guard on this track, or something ?

I noticed the same problem a long time ago when opening the midi events in key editor. If the many tracks were selected, it consumes more ressources!


Once you select the track, the Record becomes enabled. This means, the track turned to the “live” mode and no ASIO-Guard is involved for the track. It means, it needs more resources.

There are 2 possible solutions:

  • Disable Record on Selected track in the Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole or
  • Increase your Audio Device Buffer Size.

Thank you, it is helpful. Now I understand the point.