Selecting a Marker Region

I have markers set up like this:

Does anyone know the command to click on a marker, and have it automatically set the loop points are set to begin at the marker, and end at the next marker?


I’m afraid, there is not this function for the Marker. But you can Ctrl(Win)/Alt(Mac) + click to the timeline to set the Left Locator, and Alt(Win)/Cmd(Mac) + Click to the timeline to set the Right Locator.

Or you can use Cycle Markers. In the Marker window, there is the Marker Settings, where you can set: Cycle follows when locating to Markers. Then, once you locate the cycle Marker in the Marker window, the Left and Right locators will be set to the Marker cycle.

Thank you I will try that. I am coming from FL Studio where we were able to click one button and then drag a square around the markers which was much easier. It seems like an inconvenience to set the first marker with CTRL and then ALT for the right. Hopefully they improve this later.

You can also click to the Timeline, hold the mouse button down, and move the mouse right to set the range of L and R locator.

I just realized, there is another way. Select both Markers, and hit “P” Key Command (Set Locators to Selection Range). This will also do the job.

Thank you!! This is pretty much how I was hoping, except in FL we just needed to drag the region without P. This is very good though thanks.

you can also select the range tool (rt click mouse - range tool) then double click between markers, if you have cycle follows markers in preferences set, that will set up cycle as well.

Or make a key command for “input Left locator” and “input Right locator” so you can input measure numbers directly. I use something similar like “input locator position” so I can just type in “42” on the number pad, and cursor goes to measure 42 and navigate there instead of using the mouse.

I think they are Enter Left locator. There is already a key commend for that Shift+L and Shift+R.

You can also click on the makers you want holding down the Shift key and press P.

This is exactly what the OP asked for. One move to do this:

Why all the complex multi-step stuff- typing bar numbers? Ugh. :confused:

Here it is in step-by-step form.
(Make sure Cycle follows Range Selection is active)
Switch to the range tool.
Double-click between two markers.

Yes. That is the easiest.