Selecting a single tuplet

I’m sorry if this has come up before, but a quick search on this forum hasn’t really answered my question.
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I’m encountering this problem where I have several tuplets on a given staff. If I want to delete some of the tuplets (for instance because I’ve deleted the notes that were affected by the tuplet, and there’s no more use for the tuplet), Dorico automatically selects adjacent tuplet signs and removes them as well. Any idea as to why this is happening and how this can be avoided? Many thanks in advance.

Looks like that’s a single tuplet item, that Dorico is displaying as “two” due to the barline.

Make sure Insert mode is active, then delete this quintuplet, then re-input a new quintuplet with the correct base duration (e.g. enter 5:4e into the tuplets popover, for five eighth notes/quavers in the space of four). If you don’t include a code for the base duration in your tuplet entry, Dorico uses whatever note duration is currently selected in the Notes panel for the base duration (here, it looks like that was a quarter note/crotchet).

Hi Lillie - very helpful, thank you!

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