Selecting a whole sound vertically (eg. a kick or snare)?

I know that you can select a frequency using the frequency Selection tool and drag the tool horizontaly over it then Cut Special > Cut to New Layer which works great but I am unable to find a way to do the same vertically on for example on a kick or snare.

I have tried the Transient Selection tool and the Harmonics tool but all they do is create a small number of lines (frequencey selections) that when Cut to a new layer sound nothing like what ever it is one is trying to select.

I tried the Selection brush to paint over the (as an example) snare but that also grabs some of the surrounding noise also - no where near as clean at Frequency selection.

This is a feature that would be very helpful if you needed to remove a “off time” kick, snare or any other very obvious noise and maybe replace it with something else later down the line.

The example image shows the Frequecy Tool selecting the low end of a drum track and the highlighted section shows a kick drum that I need to select.

The other issue I am having is finding a way to select white noise, for example a white noise riser, is there a way I can’t find?

What am I missing or is there a better way of doing this?

What about the rectangular selection tool ? Looks like it would select the exact amount of transient you want (make sure to adjust the fading of the tool though).

Regarding white noise adjustments, I would suggest to further unmix the Drums layer into its components (Layer > Unmix Components).
You’ll then be free to do any modification to the noise part of the drums without affecting the transients or tonals.

Hi Robin and thanks for your reply.

I tried that and it too much of a broad stroke, it selects a lot of the surrounding noise also.

Find it hard to belive that Spectra would have a excellent too for selecting frequencies but not very obvious harmonics…

Then maybe it’s a matter of adjust the FFT Size, to make the transients thinner ?