Selecting all audio files in one track/ Change all midi velocity

Sorry, recently moved from Logic so I am relearning a lot of the little shortcuts and tricks I need. Is there a shortcut to select all audio or midi, etc on a track? When I highlight a track it doesn’t select everything like in Logic. I have to go to Select-Select all on track every time.

Also, in Logic there is a shortcut to make all midi velocity’s the same. So if they are spread out all over the place you can select all and it was something like CMD+Alt while increasing velocity and they would all set to the highest velocity at the same time. Is there anything like that in Cubase? I tried selecting all and changing the number to 116 but some of the midi stays low.

Thanks very much.

What version of Cubase are you running Pro, Artist, Elements? The available tools vary between them.

Very close. When you select a bunch of Notes in the Key Editor it will show you the Velocity value of the earliest Note. And if you change it like you did it will set all the values relative to the change on that first Note. For example if the first Note’s Velocity started off at 120 and you changed it to 116 then all the Notes’ Velocities would decrease by 4 (120-116). However if instead of using Enter to set it to 116 you had used Ctrl+Enter then it would have set all the Notes to the absolute value or 116 on all of them.

The KC entry is “Select All on Tracks”, no default assignment but enter it on the search box and you get that entry. “Edit” → “Select” → “All on Tracks” from the menu.

It’s “Fixed Velocity”, “MIDI” → “Functions” → “Fixed Velocity” but it sets all to 64 IIRC, so I actually do Ctrl + A then Ctrl+Enter way as @raino described.

You might also want to read up on the Controller Event Editor’s smart controls which let you edit stuff like Velocity or cc Data graphically by both by scaling data and moving it.

If you have the Logical Editor you could create one of these for any Velocity value(s) you like.