Selecting all data on multiple tracks - Range tool only option?

Hi - I’m just wondering if there’s another way of selecting all data on multiple tracks.
Right now I use the range tool to drag over all the data over the multiple tracks I want to include in my MIDI Merge.
Is there a quicker way of selecting? If I just select multiple tracks, Cubase doesn’t actually select the data ON the tracks.
And SHIFT-Double-clicking the first part on a track does select everything after BUT, the moment I continue and do it on another track, it deselects the first one.

So is using the range tool and how I’m doing it the only way?


What about to use Select All (Ctrl+A)?

Select All selects all.
Even if I highlight 2 tracks first and then do CTRL-A, it will select everything in the project window.
I’m looking for a quick way to select all on certain tracks only.


Select the tracks, where do you want to merge. Right-click to the track list to one of the selected track, and choose Select All Events.

Thanks Martin - your reply helped me discover that there is something under the Edit menu called “Select… All on Selected Tracks”

BINGO. Thats what I needed. Gonna set up a key command for this!