Selecting all notes Dorico iPad

Without an attached kbd, how does one select all notes in a composition? According to the Help files, it says ctrl/cmd A, but with no kbd this is not possible. Using the marquee select tool is unsuitable for such a large selection.

I haven’t discovered a way of making the onscreen qwerty kbd appear either.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

(iPad Air 4 iOS 14.something)

Edit: I’ve figured it out.

Select first note, then scroll to last note, then tap the marquee with the arrow in it, then select last note. Then, tap marquee with arrow again to de-select it - otherwise all the selected notes will become deselected again if you try to scroll.

I hope this system gets revised and quickly. It’s cumbersome. I like the selection options implemented by the new Sibelius app; hopefully we could imitate those more natural iPad friendly gestures.

I have no experience of Sibelius, but a drop-down menu as in the Dorico desktop version would be useful, or a way to summon the on-screen keyboard would be even better!