Selecting an instrument track by name with PLE

I don’t seem to be able to setup track selection by name for a VST Instrument.
Tried “Media Type is” Audio and Midi.
Tried “Media Type is” Midi.
Tried “Media Type is” All types.
Tried “Container Type is” Track.
No Joy.


Filter Target
( Media Type Is | Equal | MIDI | And
Name | Contains | HALion )

Action Target

Thanks Martin.
This did not solve my issue. I was attempting to select a track which is a VST instrument of Superior Drummer 3, this does not happen. Perhaps I am going about things the wrong way.
I use Global Workspaces, allowing me to have the same in all projects, however one of my workspaces has Superior Drummer 3 as a VST instrument the edit windows is open along with a mixer and of course the arrange page. The issue is:-
setup a Global Workspace (as above) in one project and update. Change project and the Superior Drummer 3 edit window is not showing in the same Global Workspace. I was guessing but thought that maybe the order of VST instruments causes problems here. Checked and cannot reorder these, so thought If I could select the track in this case called Drums (SuppDr3) I would then select edit instrument. This could all be built into a macro.
All I really wanted was for the Global Workspaces to transfer from Project to Project flawlessly.


Then change the Name | Contains | HALion to Name | Contains | BFD (or how is the Instrument track named), please.

Thanks, Dont know what I was doing wrong but it now recognises a track called Drums.