Selecting and Colouring all Flats


I’m using the 30 day Demo version of Dorico Elements.

Is it possible to select all the Flat keys in my score so I can give them a different colour note head. I have looked in the Filter menu but can’t find this option. I can do this by holding down Cntl and selecting all the notes individually but this is very tedious.

Dear GAJ52,
You should try better :wink: There is a Filter>All flat notes, so select all, filter, and change the colour in the properties panel should be all you need to do. You could also use the Filter by pitch feature in the filter sub-menu if you want more granular control.

Thanks for your help

I still can’t find Edit>Filter>All flat notes - is this only available in the Pro version ?

Yep, the Filters in Elements are more limited (and don’t include Filter by Pitch).

That’s a shame, as a hobbyist I can’t justify the Pro version so I’ll have to do it the long way. :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, I did not know there were limitations in the filtering. Apologies.

I’m hoping someone from Steinberg will say “We’ll add this to Elements in the next update” :wink: