Selecting and deleting notes in a chord

If I have a series of chords, I often filter upper or lower notes for deletion. It works great unless there are tuplets. Because the tuplet number is still selected when I filter, it deletes the tuplet for ALL of the notes. I find myself having to individually deselect the tuplets before I delete - which is a workflow killer.

In “that other notation program” you can filter notes in two ways - one for copying and one for deletion. The former will leave the tuplet selected for copying. The latter will not so you can delete the note without losing the tuplet for the remaining notes.

Is there such a function in Dorico?

If not I hope to see it soon.


At the top of the Filter submenu there’s a Filter Select/Deselect toggle. You could create a macro that filtered the note, set filter to Deselect, filtered the tuplet set the filter back to Select. That’s probably your best bet as things stand.

Ok thanks. I’ll try that. I didn’t see that deselect function before.

The “Filter Select or Deselect” Key Command doesn’t seem to accept keystrokes. Generally, the “Press Shortcut” box is grayed out and lights up when clicked on. Not for this one. Nothing happens.

Without that I don’t think I can implement you solution, pianoleo.

I think what pianoleo suggested is to create a macro from the script menu.

You could do it with the following steps:

  1. select a bar/section with chords and tuplets
  2. start recording macro
  3. edit>filter>select only
  4. edit>filter>notes in chords>tope note or single notes
  5. edit>filter>deselect only
  6. edit>filter>tuplets
  7. stop recording macro

the macro/script is shown in the script menu as “usermacro”, you can find it and rename it in User>AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Dorico3.5>Script plug-ins (That is in windows)

Once the script is recorded, apply it where needed after selecting the music and then press delete. There is a shortcut to run the last script.


Thanks I didn’t realize Dorico incorporated their own macros. I’ll do it that way.

I am using Mac. Where would I locate this macro in order to name it?