Selecting and editing automation points across an entire track

I’m having trouble selecting all automation for a track and moving it up or down. For example, if I have a track’s volume automated, and I just wanted to lower the overall volume for the entire track, I’m not able to do this anymore. It used to work just as I expected until 9.5. Now, in 9.5, if I select all on the automation lane, or if I drag around all the points and then move the automation up or down, it only moves the automation levels in the time range between the 1st and last points, but not for the whole project. Here’s a screenshot. Has anyone noticed this? Is there a workaround?
Automation Cubase.PNG


This is new since Cubase 9.5. The new dots are always made once you start to trim the automation, to make sure you don’t break (change) what is out of your selection (range).

There’s a way to do it - just grab one of the selected point and move it up or down and you’ll move all of them.

Ahhh, good call! That works. Thank you. And thank you to you, Martin, as well.