Selecting and locking multiple files

Is there a way to select multiple audio files in a montage and lock so they can’t be edited or moved?

I’m continually using an editing tool “delete selected range on all tracks”, so if I lock the track by clicking the lock icon, the audio will still get deleted.
The only option I’ve found is to lock each audio file on each track, however I can’t figure out how to select them all as a group and lock, instead, I have to select individually and lock. This is so slow.
Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks Jamie

Select Clip(s) and go to Clips in menu

and use this function

regards S-EH

Hiya, thanks for responding, but that doesn’t work, it only locks 1 clip.

try this
select all clips command + A on OSX
go to menu Clips > Functions
scroll down in drop down menu list
select what you need, execute
and yes it works

regards S-EH

I’ve taken some screen shots as I don’t see what you’re referring to.
First screen shot is my montage screen and I’ve selected all clips. It also shows the lock button in the clips section in the menu bar.
2nd screenshot: closeup of the lock button in clips
3rd screenshot: shows only 1 clip is locked.

Is this what your referring to?

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 9.33.40 pm

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I’m truly sorry but I have pointed to exactly that Clips> menu/tab
the same as PG is referring to in the picture above…


Thank you very much, I can see what you mean now. I thought the window tabs in the top are just there to show information. I didn’t realise till now there are extra menus in each window.

I very much appreciate your patience with me