Selecting channels in the mixer?

You used to be able to select multiple channels in the mixer by using the standard windows control click and shift click functions.
This no longer seems to be the case in Cubase 8 … or am I missing something?

Sorry if this has been covered before

I think I did it yesterday…selected 2 channel in the mixer with CTRL+Click

So i guess it is still in cubase 8 (will re-try it, later, when i’m on the DAW computer, and tell you)

This may be some weird issue with my system and the new graphics?
I can select multiple channels from within the arrange window, but not in the mixer.

Ahhh … got it … You can no longer click around the fader in the mix window to select the channel. You have to click in the area above it.

Yes indeed, or below’… On the colored box containing the track name…