selecting/deleting in Write mode

If I insert a fingering and then decide I want to delete it, is there any way to select it and delete it without invoking the fingering popover? Clicking on the fingering also selects the note, which I don’t want to delete.

Also if I insert text and then decide I want to delete it, I can often select groups of text with the cursor’s marquee, but it’s inconsistent. Sometimes the text can’t be selected with the marquee and I have to click on each text object.

Fingering is a property of the note. You have to access it from the bottom panel.

Dankreider-- Now I’m unfortunately more confused because I’m learning what popover or panel applies to specific actions.

For example, a harmonic is either a property of a note, or it is playing technique. If I enter a natural harmonic symbol using the playing technique popover, then I can select the harmonic symbol and delete it without deleting the note. But if I enter the harmonic symbol as a property of the note, then it behaves similarly to a fingering, and any attempt to delete it by selecting the symbol will also delete the note.

As I try to learn the quickest ways to input music, I’m missing the logic here. What reason would I have to input a harmonic as a performance technique versus a note property, especially if choosing a note property makes it more cumbersome to delete later on?

Harmonics are an exception. They’ve existed as Playing Techniques for quite some time, but the “intelligent” functionality was only added to the properties panel relatively recently. In order to retain support for files that predate the properties panel functionality (and presumably to account for instruments where Dorico doesn’t know how harmonics work) the Playing Technique still needs to exist.

There is a menu item to delete fingerings under Edit > Fingering > Reset Fingering, which you can assign to a key command if you like.

Thanks, Anders.

pianoleo: ohhhh kay, so “best practices” is to input harmonics via properties?

Any thoughts on selecting text via marquee? I find different behavior in galley vs page view, but it’s arbitrary in both contexts and often I must click on individual objects to delete.

Yep, enter via the properties panel where possible.
I can’t say I often use marquee selections to select text. Clicking one item and then using the Select More function (repeatedly if necessary) tends to do what I want.

If you have text objects that overlap (or any stuff that overlaps), try Alt-Shift-click (and keep clicking until you get what you want). It allows you to select one particular thing instead of another.