Selecting desired Audio I/O

Hello everyone ! :smiley:

I can’t figure out how to select the preferred Audio Input and Output in Cubasis .

I have an USB interface plugged in, and I can happily record from it.

I would like to listen to audio master output via 3.5 inches headphones ( while still having usb input plugged in),
but I can’t figure out where to specify that.

Is that even allowed in iOS ?
I’m new to Cubasis 3 and Apple .

thank you

Hi stanoc,

Cubasis comes with dedicated input and output routing options, which are located in the inspector.
Please find more details about the available options in the Cubasis in-app help.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.


Hello Lars,

thank you for your answer.

Had a look at in-app help. Thank you.
Anyway, didn’t get the info I was looking for.

I’ll rewrite my question like that:

Let say I have 2 different audio interfaces .
Is it possible to use both at the same time ?
I would like to record from one and monitor that recording from the the other one =)

Maybe Audiobus allows different audio interfaces to be seen as one ?

thank you for your support !


I have an Analog Four that streams multiple USB audio channels to iOS ( USB class compliant ).

Would lilke to record those streams and monitor them via iPad headphone’s jack .

Cubasis seems to access just an audio device at a time ( do not access headphones when USB is plugged in )
Is that an iOS limitation ? :unamused:


Maybe shouldn’t say this, but I’ve found that Audiobus 3 supports “Multiroute Audio” setting that just let route audio to built-in headphone output.

So hopefully this would be supported by Cubasis 3 as well in a future release update ? :sunglasses:
thank you !


I ran into a similar issue: Using an external IO unit over lightning, I wasn’t able to get audio over the iPad Pro 10.5 headphone jack. The audio settings are unhelpful, showing zero/little indication of what is being used, or how to change IO settings.