Selecting Events within/under a Cycle Marker


Building a workflow to use AI Transcripts to Edit audio in Nuendo 11.

Goes like this …

Transcript is marked up with good takes and exported to me to me as a CSV. Complete original audio is added to a track in Nuendo, I import the CSV and each good-take is marked on a Marker Track as a Cycle Marker.

I want to isolate just the audio under each Cycle Marker.

I have a Macro to split the Cycle Marked areas of audio into separate events. There can be 100’s of these.

Now I want to Select the Events under the cycle markers. Anyone know how to do it in one go? Theres too many to do by hand

Once these are selected I can use the Macro “Move Selection to Track Version” which creates a Track with just the good takes. Then switch to Shuffle Grid mode and move one Event to bring them all into a line with no gaps. Perfect assembly.

IF I could just select all the Events within the Cycle markers! What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!