Selecting everything in a bar

I discovered to my great delight that if I click in a bar it selects everything in the bar which I can then copy and paste. As far as I can see this usage is not in the manual (but then I am well known for not reading deeply enough into the manual).

If it really is not mentioned in the manual, I think it would be worth adding. This has speeded up my work a lot. Brilliant.

It will be in the next version :slight_smile:

Also, in case you didn’t know this, if you click on a beam, it selects all the notes in the “beam group”. If you click on a stem, it selects all notes if it’s a chord.


But remember. It will not pick up hidden signposts! (So tuplets may suddenly disappear in your copy)

I’d also love a modifier key to select chord symbols along with “everything”. That would positively make my day. And week. And month…

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One small caveat: if you have two voices on the same pitch, i.e., one covering the other, clicking on the bar doesn’t always select the hidden (not visible) voice. This seems to be inconsistent, but the way around it is the use the system Track to select the bar/bars - then everything is truly selected.

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