Selecting inputs for audio track


I have recently dug out my old waldorf pulse synth to tinker with. I connected it via inputs 1&2 on my saffire pro 24 and via the MIDI ports of the pro 24. i then added the bus and named it Waldorf Pulse in my control room.

upon adding an audio track to monitor the synth, the new Cubase 10 add track box appears, when i click the audio input drop down menu, my waldorf pulse or inputs 1&2 are not available. when the track is made, i can then go into the inspector and change the input routing to inputs 1&2 which is shown as i named it in the audio connections panel and everything works fine.

Its by no means a show stopper, just wondering if i have set something up wrong (most likely) or if its a slight bug?


Quick edit: I’m running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3

In your Add Track dialog do you see 2 different groups of Inputs? The one called “Select Hardware Input” should be all the different sources your audio interface provides. The one called “Connect to Bus” should list all the buses you created in Audio Connections.

Hi Raino

thanks for the reply, unfortunately i don’t see as you describe

i have added 3 pics,

a screen grab of my connection window
as i see it in the add audio track window
the input routing of the inspector

as you can see, the waldorf pulse in not available in the add track box but is via the inspector. you can also see it in the Audio Connections window using inputs 1&2

Your Audio Connections image is showing the Control Room tab. When adding an Audio Track the bus assignment during the add dialog will show what is in the Input tab not the Control Room tab.

It looks like you are trying to use the Control Room to setup some audio inputs (“Input 3 & 4” and “Waldorf Pulse”). That won’t work at all. The CR works exclusively Audio Outputs not Inputs.

Use the the Audio Connections Input Tab to setup your audio ins, these should then be available in the Add Track dialog.

Also you might want to read the Audio Connections portion of the Ops Manual to get a better understanding of how it all works together. :wink:

Actually it does work. You can set an external input as track input, for an existing audio track.

Interesting. My understanding is that those inputs are for being able to do stuff in the CR like listen to a CD player. They aren’t available in the Add Track dialog, but sure enough you can assign them later on - didn’t know that.

None the less the OP will have less issues in the future (and now) if they go for a more traditional approach and use the Input tab to create their audio input buses.

Well, it depends on what the needs are. I have less issues setting up all windows playbacks as external inputs, than setting them up as regular inputs, since I can do a quick switching in the control room for monitor comparison purposes, and just as fast record any windows source.

Except the OP wants to have those Inputs available in the Add Track dialog which is populated by what’s in the Input tab.